A beer fit for saints

With the vast range of beers on the market there are always new styles being attempted and new ingredients to be discovered. While some of these beers can be exciting, some of them fall short of their intention or feature trite flavors. There can also be a lot of overlap between characteristics in the same … Continue reading A beer fit for saints

The best fest in the west

Over the years the Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest (FWIBF) has become known as one of the premiere beer events to take place along the west coast. Over fifty breweries are hand-picked by the Firestone staff and invited to the Paso Robles Event Center to bring their best and most obscure beers. The festival sells … Continue reading The best fest in the west

GABF and the process of judging beer

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) just took place and every year the beer industry swoons over the award ceremony where thousands of beers compete to see which ones are considered the best in the nation. Judging beer is a complex process and measures a brewer's ability to hit a target, namely, a beer style. … Continue reading GABF and the process of judging beer

Triple Rock: Pioneers of craft beer

My sister offered to host the family this year for Thanksgiving so I found myself heading up north for the holidays. Her apartment is located in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, a historic section of town that is accredited to founding the local and organic food movement.  As you walk by the legendary Chez Panisse and countless … Continue reading Triple Rock: Pioneers of craft beer

What’s brewing in Japan

When you think of Japanese beer, the rice-driven lagers from such breweries as Sapporo, Kirin, and Asahi, are often the first to come to mind. While these certainly are nice beers for their respective style, they hardly represent the ingenuity and expressive flavors that come from the smaller Japanese brewers. Look for Japanese beers in … Continue reading What’s brewing in Japan

Beer espionage in March

March always makes me think of October. No, it's not that I've forgotten what month comes next. Before refrigeration, brewing was a seasonal affair. March and April marked the end of the brewing season. Summer brought warm weather and an increased microbial presence in the air that encouraged beer spoilage. The summer months were so … Continue reading Beer espionage in March