Mix it up

If variety is the spice of life then the mix pack is as spicy as it gets in the beer world. Assorted 12-packs have become incredibly popular with craft brewers and drinkers alike. One of the most exciting things about craft beer is the exhaustive number of beers available to beerdoes. While there are plenty … Continue reading Mix it up

A canned debate

Canned beer is the epitome of crap beer. Or at least that's how most people see it. In fact, cans have major benefits over bottled beer. It is just that the expense and size of canning systems have long made canned beer an unreasonable option for smaller, quality brewers. Fortunately this is changing. Canning systems … Continue reading A canned debate

Feasting with Brasserie Solera

If you’ve visited Third Window Brewing Co. in the past you’ve likely seen the small shack in the back area. Since opening, the tiny barn-like building has remained empty and staff and regulars have jokingly referred to it as everything from the play fort to the doghouse. It was intended to be a kitchen however … Continue reading Feasting with Brasserie Solera

The classic brews of winter

Up until the past two hundred years, many beer styles were identified by the season in which they were produced. Although commercial refrigeration has allowed most beer styles to be brewed year round, winter ales remain one of the few styles that are still only released during their own season.  For millennia there has been … Continue reading The classic brews of winter

Telegraph delivers some sweet sours

Telegraph Brewing Co. recently held their 2017 3rdAnnual Dia de las Obscuras Rare Beer Festival, a sessioned event where they showcase their most groundbreaking sours and barrel-aged beers. Obscura is Latin for “shadowy, indistinct” and the brews produced in this line are just that. Each one is thought-driven, not trend-driven, and plays with different concepts … Continue reading Telegraph delivers some sweet sours