GABF and the process of judging beer

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) just took place and every year the beer industry swoons over the award ceremony where thousands of beers compete to see which ones are considered the best in the nation. Judging beer is a complex process and measures a brewer's ability to hit a target, namely, a beer style. … Continue reading GABF and the process of judging beer


Seeking beer and food in SB

While there are many settings that beer goes well with, it is on the dining table that beer feels most at home. Whether it is a quick lunch on the weekend or grabbing dinner with friends, there are increasingly more opportunities in Santa Barbara for diners to have a great meal alongside great beer. Here … Continue reading Seeking beer and food in SB

Dining with Topa Topa and Barbareño

The Central Coast Beer Week just wrapped up and with it came a successful beer dinner hosted on Sunday, March 26th, by Barbareño and Topa Topa Brewing Co. Since 2015 Barbareño has been bringing central coast cuisine to the area with a dedication to local ingredients, history, and modern cooking techniques. With dishes like Channel … Continue reading Dining with Topa Topa and Barbareño

Dining with Barrelworks & Barbareño

Sour and wild ales have been all the rage for years now. Countless craft breweries have started their “barrel program” with these ales sometimes taking several years to produce as “wild” microorganisms slowly work their magic on the liquid. Sour beers will often feature several different microorganisms that communally produce and reduce different flavor compounds … Continue reading Dining with Barrelworks & Barbareño

Brewing in pink boots

To celebrate this past International Women’s Day (March 8th), the Pink Boots Society (PBS), a non-profit organization focused on females in the beer industry, held a nationwide brew day for local chapters of the PBS to come together and collaborate on a special one-off beer. Showcasing the skills of female beer industry members and hopefully … Continue reading Brewing in pink boots