A canned debate

Canned beer is the epitome of crap beer. Or at least that's how most people see it. In fact, cans have major benefits over bottled beer. It is just that the expense and size of canning systems have long made canned beer an unreasonable option for smaller, quality brewers. Fortunately this is changing. Canning systems … Continue reading A canned debate

A hop yard of our own

For thousands of years, herbs and spices were used to preserve beer and balance the sweetness of barley malt. These days this role is played by hops which has natural anti-bacterial properties, appealing aromas, and a bitterness that helps counteract malt's sweet flavors. The hop plant has been known since (at least) Roman times. The … Continue reading A hop yard of our own

GABF and the process of judging beer

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) just took place and every year the beer industry swoons over the award ceremony where thousands of beers compete to see which ones are considered the best in the nation. Judging beer is a complex process and measures a brewer's ability to hit a target, namely, a beer style. … Continue reading GABF and the process of judging beer

Brewing in pink boots

To celebrate this past International Women’s Day (March 8th), the Pink Boots Society (PBS), a non-profit organization focused on females in the beer industry, held a nationwide brew day for local chapters of the PBS to come together and collaborate on a special one-off beer. Showcasing the skills of female beer industry members and hopefully … Continue reading Brewing in pink boots