Dining with Barrelworks & Barbareño

Sour and wild ales have been all the rage for years now. Countless craft breweries have started their “barrel program” with these ales sometimes taking several years to produce as “wild” microorganisms slowly work their magic on the liquid. Sour beers will often feature several different microorganisms that communally produce and reduce different flavor compounds … Continue reading Dining with Barrelworks & Barbareño


Summer days of barbecue and beer

With the June gloom somewhat dissipating and the Fourth of July around the corner, barbecue season is officially upon us. Summer is when beer really shines. The hot weather and long days make a cold, sparkling beer extra appealing. Fortunately, beer goes just as well with barbecue as it does with summer. Barbecue can get … Continue reading Summer days of barbecue and beer

Pairing a Pomegranate Wheat

As I made my way around town blending work with relaxation I decided to grab lunch at Santa Barbara Brewing Company (SBBC). Desiring something fruity, sweet, and sour, to compete with the heat of the sunny day, I chose their Chicken Teriyaki Pineapple Sandwich & garlic fries to pair with their Pomegranate Wheat. Of course I couldn’t forget … Continue reading Pairing a Pomegranate Wheat

There’s a butterfly in my beer: Morpho Herbal Ale

It is inspiring to watch a butterfly flutter by. They move with the elegance of a scarf flickering on the wind while their wings have the power to redefine color and even create chaos. Yet their delicate existence is contradictory to the bold image they possess. Fortunately there is now an ale that has captured the gripping beauty … Continue reading There’s a butterfly in my beer: Morpho Herbal Ale