Stingo in fall

As pumpkin beers and fall seasonals flood the shelves, for me, this time of year is really only marked by one beer, Samuel Smith's Yorkshire Stingo. This unique brew is released only on August 1, Yorkshire Day. This holiday is exactly what it sounds like, a day that honors the county of Yorkshire, where Samuel … Continue reading Stingo in fall

Pioneers of Pale Ale

Since we are in the midst of American Craft Beer Week (May 13-19), this week I have been thinking of craft beer's origin story. While there are countless people who have contributed to the movement, American craft beer was really founded by three people, one hop and one beer style: pale ale. Those cascades though … Continue reading Pioneers of Pale Ale

The classic brews of winter

Up until the past two hundred years, many beer styles were identified by the season in which they were produced. Although commercial refrigeration has allowed most beer styles to be brewed year round, winter ales remain one of the few styles that are still only released during their own season.  For millennia there has been … Continue reading The classic brews of winter

Triple Rock: Pioneers of craft beer

My sister offered to host the family this year for Thanksgiving so I found myself heading up north for the holidays. Her apartment is located in Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto, a historic section of town that is accredited to founding the local and organic food movement.  As you walk by the legendary Chez Panisse and countless … Continue reading Triple Rock: Pioneers of craft beer

Beer espionage in March

March always makes me think of October. No, it's not that I've forgotten what month comes next. Before refrigeration, brewing was a seasonal affair. March and April marked the end of the brewing season. Summer brought warm weather and an increased microbial presence in the air that encouraged beer spoilage. The summer months were so … Continue reading Beer espionage in March