About Me

Zach Rosen
Photo by Fran Collin

Zachary Rosen is a beer educator and writer living in Santa Barbara, CA. At 22, Rosen became the youngest person to obtain the Certified Cicerone® (beer Sommelier) title, and has since become specialized in coordinating and hosting beer events. His work includes consulting services, teaching classes, leading beer dinners and he has experience working with a wide variety of organizations including restaurants, venues, and charities, among others. Rosen uses his background in chemical engineering and the arts to seek out abstract expressions of beer; pairing it with movies, music, and many other conceptual counterparts to discover how beer pairs with life.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hello Zack, I met you about a year ago at Telegraph Brewing for the Independent beer contest. I know that you are very involed in the beer culture of this area, I want to let you know that on Sept. 14th will have John Palmer author of “How To Brew ” at our store that day from 12-4, he also co wrote “Brewing Classic Styles” both of which are a HUGE influence in homebrewers. Hope that you will be able to stop by and meet him, if you have any questions, please give me a call. Thank you , Sandy Valley Brewers 515 Fourth Place Solvang CA 93463

    1. Hello Sandy! Wonderful! Yes I know John Palmer’s work well and would love to meet him. Thank you for keeping me in the loop! I have yet to visit Valley Brewers but have heard wonderful things about the place. Hopefully we can reconnect soon! Yiamas–Zach

  2. Hi Zach,

    I enjoyed meeting you at BBC15. I’m now among your Twitter followers. I checked out your website and have one question: Is the conservative looking guy in the dress shirt and tie a Hollywood actor?

    If you find yourself on the Monterey Peninsula, let’s go have a beer,

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