Learn while drinking

Although I do love a good novel, who are we kidding? Picture books are the funnest and The New Way Things Work by David Macaulay is one of the best out there. This explicative illustrated book has become a classic bestseller and a must for every household. After reading this book you will never look at the world the same way. Macaulay deciphers the inner workings of everyday objects like electric trimmers or cylinder locks, demystifying their nature with simple text and whimsical illustrations. The book ranges from simple forces of physics to electronics and modern machines. Each explanation is assisted by woolly mammoths who travel up the page and across inclined planes, power plants, and through whole variety of adventures. This book does not necessarily need to be read from front-to-back. Just flip it open and get lost in the page.

Try the vibrant Moving Parts Series from Victory Brewing Co. alongside this dynamic book. Moving Parts is a series of “ever-evolving” IPAs that explore the style and various ingredients. IPA series have become a popular trend with breweries and Moving Parts is one of the most impressive iterations of this concept. The bright malt flavor is accented by notes of honeycrisp apples and herbs with an earthy fruitiness reminiscent of Ceylon tea. Moving Parts 02 alongside The New Way Things Work is a powerful force. Both have layers of complexity that will keep you engaged and never leave your senses in a bore.

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