Beer Matinee: The Big Lebowski

The DudeThere are few movies that have such a fervid following as The Big Lebowski. This wonderful Coen Brothers film is about a burn out bowler caught up in a case of mistaken identity and is full of laughs with many memorable lines and personalities. Jeff Bridges’ iconic character, The Dude, instantly inspires one to have a drink so this movie is a natural for beer pairing and it was far more difficult to decide which people to pair beer with.

Instructions: Gather some buddies and these great beers and prepare for an evening of intoxicating fun. Each pairing is designed to go with a specific point in the movie. Select one, a few or all of them. Drink the brew at the designated time. Feel free to substitute beers and play around with the ideas! Enjoy…

The Dude with Allagash White and Old Rasputin
The Dude Abides | Welcoming Refreshment

While not a White Russian, this Black & Tan brings together Allagash White and Old Rasputin, a Russian Imperial Stout, to create The Dude’s drink of choice. The trick of getting the beers to layer is to pour the Allagash White first and very slowly drizzle the Old Rasputin down the side of the glass. The heavier stout will settle in the bottom and leave the two layered. The Old Rasputin provides the inebriating aspects of The Dude’s lifestyle and some of the coffee, chocolate character of a “Caucasian.” The wheat in Allagash White imparts a smoothness to the brew that gives the comfort of a bathrobe. This beer is also brewed with coriander and curacao to provide a citric nose and inspire images of the orange groves and sunshine of California. Together this “White” “Russian” has the intensity of a Russian Imperial Stout with a laid back quality coming from the Belgian-style Witbier.

Bunny with Einbecker Mai-ur-Bock
We’re all very fond of her. Very free spirited | 15 min

The Maibock style of beer is often associated with spring, specifically May. This season is known for its fertility and of course, bunnies. This light, crisp bock beer has hints of sweetness with a warm color. A spiciness in the nose comes from the toasted malts and light alcohol tones that embellish the aroma. Mai-Ur-Bock is strong and ripe with flavor, but has a free-spirited lightness that gives it a delicate nature underneath. Similar to Bunny, a small town, runaway cheerleader turned porn star.

The Rug with Uinta Dubhe
Side B. Bob | 29 min
It really ties the room together. But what must that Rug smell like? Pre-pee of course. The pitch black color of this Imperial Black IPA and the addition of hemp seeds to the brew give the impression of The Rug. Which must be soiled and musty from countless nights of being slept on, with roaches, stems and seeds littering its depths. Dubhe is the nickname for Alpha Ursae Majoris of the Big Dipper. A name fitting for The Dude’s favorite spot to get spaced out over a doobie.

The Big Lebowski with Belzebuth
I will not abide another toe | 49 min

At first this beer is golden and sweet with brief fumes of alcohol giving off a volatility that lifts the spirits. Belzebuth’s flavors begin with the inspiring sentiments of seeing a handicapped man who has gone out and “achieved anyway.” Yet as the flavors and plot progress, they begin to exhibit their strength and devilish character. At 13% ABV, this beer is powerful however it has a particular lightness to the body and finish. Showing that underneath all that power, there is not much holding it up. Despite Lebowski’s threats and might, in the end he illustrates his crippled morality and incapability as a human being.

Walter Sobchak with Stone Oaked Arrogant Bastard
You see what happens Larry | 1 hour 09 min

On the verge of tears one moment and smashing a stranger’s Corvette in the next…this arrogant bastard has a soft side. Stone Brewing’s infamous beer encompasses the brash semi-psychotic, but lovable character of this gentle giant. A dense hop aroma and sweet caramel flavor are softened by a creamy vanillin quality that comes from the use of oak chips. The bold flavors with their softer elements are representative of one who will point a handgun at a pacifist’s face, but then care for an ex-wife’s Pomeranian, all in the same place.

Jackie Treehorn with Shipyard XXXX IPA
Gutterballs | 1 hour 20 min

Shipyards and hints of pine bring the log jammin’ spirit to this pairing. Imperial IPA’s are often associated with the West Coast and their overindulgent nature inspires the hedonistic lifestyle of this Malibu mogul. The intense, fruity character of the hops bring a California vibe to the flavors and the rich malts provide imagery of beach parties and living the sweet life. It is not just XXX, this explicit brew is XXXX.

2 thoughts on “Beer Matinee: The Big Lebowski

    1. I am so glad you enjoyed the pairings! Give them a try and let me know what you think. There are so many great characters/scenes in that movie it is hard to choose which ones to pair beer with. I will be putting up some more movie and music pairings soon. Enjoy!

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